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Transformation des volumes - Stylisme d'intérieur, Bordeaux

We decided to remove all existing partitions to open up the space and give it a loft-like feel. Various areas are defined by distinct styles.

A living area with a Togo sofa, where complementary materials and textures create dynamism: velvet, glass, leather, fabric, and more.

A dining area with a tinted glass table to keep the space light. To maintain a contemporary feel, we included the iconic Marcel Breuer chairs.

A kitchen space in a 70s style, dominated by wood to add warmth.

Finally, an entryway designed to be practical and functional, optimizing this charming, typical Bordeaux apartment.

Moodboard Bouquièree.jpg
Vue 6.png
VUE 5.png
VUE 4.png
Moodboard Bouquièree2.jpg
vue 7.png
chambre nuit.png
vue 12.png
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