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My name is Fanny Gaudry, and I am an interior architect with a Master's degree in Architecture and Luxury Scenography, obtained in 2018.

I was an artistic director for two years at a luxury retail design agency in Saigon, Vietnam.

When I returned to France, I decided to take the plunge and launch my own interior architecture firm: Studio Gē.

I had the fortune to grow up abroad in Madagascar and to travel extensively afterward. These experiences and adventures have given me an open mind and contributed to the creation of my artistic personality.

I am currently based in Bordeaux but excited to extend my services worldwide.

Studio Gē x Studio Bécot

Convinced that mutual support and sharing are the keys to success, Fanny and Tiffanie are betting on their professional union and their complicity to experience beautiful moments of creativity and encounters in the world of interior architecture and decoration.

Supportive and motivated, they combine their individual skills to offer their shared knowledge and passion.

Tiffanie from Studio Bécot has worked alongside decorators and project managers, allowing her to deepen her knowledge acquired during her studies in Commercial Design. She gives meaning to this profession and adapts her projects by training in eco-responsible interior architecture. Sensitive to the well-being of people and the planet, she prioritizes sustainable materials and second-hand items. The spaces she creates are remarkable for their combination of beauty, uniqueness, and authenticity.

Fanny from Studio Gē, who holds a Master's degree in Design in Architecture and Luxury Scenography, is full of imagination and driven by the creation of unique spaces that do not go unnoticed. As a former artistic director, she brings your ideas to life through her particular attachment to the play of textures, colors, and the five senses. Meticulous and attentive to every detail, she applies a “handmade” approach for the utmost satisfaction of her clients.

Both open-minded and attentive to others, they promise to take on your wildest design challenges! Insatiable, they extend their services not only to professionals but also to individuals.

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